1. Entry fee is $80. Cost of web hosting (now $96) will be pulled from prize money and the remaining amount is available for prizing. Weekly prize amount will be determined by the number of entries. End of season prizes will be divided as 60/30/10 of the remaining prize money.

  2. The deadline for entry fee payments for the 2021 season is Tuesday, September 27th, 2022. This gives everyone ample time to settle up. ***NOTE***: There may be delays in weekly prize payouts during the first few weeks if enough entries have not been paid after you have won. We will advise accordingly.

  3. If you have not settled up by the aforementioned deadline, your username/password will be suspended and deleted for the 2022 season.

  4. If you participated in any previous year (regular season or playoff pool) and have not paid your fees in full for previous years, your new registration WILL NOT be activated unless you pay all outstanding fees.

  5. Fees can be paid in person via cash, or by interac e-transfer for all you tech savvy people.

  6. Unless there are extenuating circumstances (e.g.: your legs are cut off or there is a volcanic eruption underneath your house) you are expected to drop off your user fees to certain points of contact. We will not be picking up entry fees unless there is an 'act of god' that prohibits you from dropping them off. The points of contact will be made available upon request and you can make arrangements to drop of your fees.

  7. During the regular season, if you happen to miss placing your picks before the posted deadlines you will not receive '0' for that week. Instead you are entitled to 1 less point than the person with the worst record for that week. An example would be if the worst record was 6-10 for week 5, you would receive a record of 5-11 if you forgot to place your picks.

  8. Weekly results should be posted no later than noon on the following Tuesday. Because of the time involved in calculatng the results and posting standings extra time is required after the Monday night game has ended.

  9. If you are having issues with the website, or cannot make it to a computer in time to make your picks a number/email is available to you on the contact page. This method should only be used if you cannot make it to a computer with enough time.

  10. In the event of a tie game (it's happened a couple times in the last few seasons), you will not be awarded a point for the week, regardless of which team you picked.