1. Entry fee is $25. All fees will be placed into the prize pool.

  2. Final payouts will be determined by participation level.

  3. Fees are to be paid no later than Conference Championship weekend.

  4. You must use the same username as the regular season.

  5. Any new users can register HERE.

  6. Twelve teams have qualified for the playoffs. When you arrive at the Playoffs page you will see the list of 14 teams with a selection box next to the team name.

  7. You will assign a value from the selection box to each of the 14 teams.

  8. Values can only be used once.

  9. You should assign the higher values to teams you feel will go deeper into January, and the lower values to teams you feel will be eliminated early.

  10. Points are assigned weekly based on the value you assigned to a winning team, multiplied by the playoff round number.

  11. Playoff spreadsheet will be made available on the home page at kickoff of the opening game on wild card weekend.

  12. Have fun!